Sunday, 20 September 2009

On the night I turned twenty

That's a poem written by a girl on the night she turned twenty after she finished reading Harry potter and the Goblet of fire in which her favourite character Cedric Diggory died. Here is a link to Cedric Diggory profile on imbd to remind you who it is (played by Pattinson in the film).

So I woke up,
My pillow was now
All wet.

It smelled so salty
Like sea in storm
And my face was red.

And I remembered
The whole nightmare -
The only truth
How evil darkness
Took your youth.

You were so brave,
Protecting Harry,
So kind inside.

Everyone loved you and
It was easy for you to love.
To love the freedom,
World and people,

Oh Cedric, Cedric!
It was so fun knowing you live,
But now you're dead!
And I am twenty -
How horrible is that.

And I was weeping
The whole night long,
Not only for Cedric's

But for my

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