Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Democracy in Russia is less than a word

Can you imaine spending New Year's Eve and Christmas in prison? for 15 days? in the 3 meters square room with no window, no bed or charis, just walls. Can you imgaine that you are a world-wide well-known politician who can't spend holidays at home because you were arrested at the political demonstration which was legally authorised by police and local authorities?

If you can't imagine those things happening you clearly are not from Russia, for in modern Russia human rights and government do not go along.
Source: www.echo.msk.ru

On the 31st of December 2010, the former deputy prime minister and opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was arrested after political demonstration for "failing to follow police instructions". He was arrested after the demonstration that is held every 31st and 30st of the month to support the 31st article of Russian Constitution which states that every citizen has gor a freedom of speech. This human right is one of the basic rights in democratic countries, however it is contantly violated in Russia and the latest events proved it. The opposition has obtained a permission to hold this demonstration, so police arrested Nemtsov and other demonstraters after the event was over on their way home for not obeying police instructions. Those who were at the event say that there were indeed some anti-Putin and anti-government discussions at the demonstration.

Source: www.echo.msk.ru

This event was not covered on any of the TV channels in news. Most of the country who does not have access to internet does not know what is going on with the government opposition.

The court decided to give 15 days of imprisonment to Boris Nemtsov. For what? for merely questioning the work of Russian government. Considering that upcoming government elections will probably have the same level of equality we have no prospects in near future for the change of course.

Here is a link to this news on BBC news.

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  1. As reported by the other russia site, he was arrested for having passed on the side of the non sanctioned demonstration, hence he failed to follow police instructions
    Now we can question why 13 testimonies were rejected or why Russia laws are so tough, but in the end he broke the law and he was punished

  2. He was passing by the side on his way home when the demonstration was over. "Not following the police instructions" is a very vague accusation. There is no such law in Russian constitution on this situation. And the punishment for this - 15 days of imprisonment - it is not in the constitution either.
    Why are you even questioning that he broke law and was punished when opne of the major articles in Constitution is not followed by police and court?

  3. Bring me proof that what you saying is true
    Unfortunately I do not speak Russian so I can't check by myself and I couldn't read the papers mr Nemtsov was given in his hands when in the car, uploaded on his blog nor those kind of notes posted on the echo movsky site
    Not following police instructions is not vague, it means he disobeyed the authorities
    Saying that the police and court are not following the Constitution, is a very serious accusation
    And the Constitution is the primary source of law but not the only

  4. Hundreds of people were witnesses who saw that he was arrested on his way home. Anyway in that case "not following police instructions" was like - crossing the street at the incorrect place, which can not lead to 15 days of imprisonment. Unfortunately I don know which country you live in, but you obviously do not understand the reality of things hapenning in Russia. It is not like in Western countries, where authority instructions whenever given are for the sake of people's safety. Here the main reason of Mr Nemtsov's arrest is the fact that he is in opposition. The actual reasons for arrest are always vague, even when he was arrested on numerous occasions during this summer for helding the demonstrations which is not against the law. The law in Russia is interpreted by authorities in whatever way, which is very very scary.