Here is the collection of poems I wrote one day or another.
Really something to share with and not to impress or anything...

Narnia Lullaby 

So that's a lullaby that I wrote as a part of my novel that I am writing right now. that's a song that dad sings to his small son and remembers times when he was young and wanted to be Prince Peter from Narnia
Now close your eyes
And I will take you to the town
Of million, million stars
There is a lion with a crown,
His love is all around.
Look at these trees, where do they grow?
Why do they grow so fast?
Did you forget your dream so far,
A dream about million stars?

Oh, when it's dark in Narnia,
Don't worry, I am with you,
Am I the king, Am I your dad?
No matter, I love you.

Now close your eyes
And I will take you to the town
Of million, million stars.
And there are kings reigning in piece
Under the height of growing trees,
So quickly growing trees.

Not Kings and Queens

The moment I opened a bottle
I felt like I'm dying

My evening was finished
And here I was in a hotel - drinking

Large window was looking at me
Promising bright and free future.
I almost believed and walked to it -
But blackberry vibrated on mute.

Religion? - has failed me,
Love - it disgusts me,
Friendship betrayed me,
My blood never lasted.

On phone someone told me 
They have just rewarded me
With something and somewhere
For some role in some film.

Lovers? - have left me,
Money? - disgust me,
Fame has betrayed me,
My wine never lasted.

We are the Road

We are listening, heart-broken,
To soothing, calming voice
Of a man called Viggo Mortensen,
And Time leaves us no choice.

Dark thoughts in our brains are promising

But future where we will take the Road,
And Road will be as long as life
We only wish and truly hope
We'll take the Road with one we love.

In silence we are, with one bleeding heart
Colour-blind mesmerised we feel
That tragedy on screen is probably
The best known form of art.

for Helios (http://twitter.com/7726)

Look at these trees -
Where do they grow?
Why do they grow so fast?

How can I climb on top
Of trees to be among
Those little stars.

It's almost night,
It's almost night,
And dark blue wind is licking
My cheeks and hands,
My feet and bones
I feel inside like freezing.

I'm terrified,
I'm terrified,
But yet I'm climbing
To summit of the sky,
To stars so shining.

And someone yells my name
From somewhere far from here.
It's possible,
It's magical
And soft skies right above me.

I touch blue wind,
I kiss sharp stars,
I smile to moon,
And hear my mom,

Who calls my name from
Somewhere here
From far and far away

Raccoons in dreams,
Good night to Helios.
Hello to little stars -
I like this life on Mars.

Journey Home 

A journey home or preparing to die from cancer - Tao
Pack up your bag
With love, friends' phones,
Book of that guy -
You're going to his home.

White dress, black dress,
Red Lingerie,
Don't take that photo
That brings back bad memories.

Turn off gas pipe,
Switch off TV,
And write with lipstick on the wall:
Remember me, Eternity.

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