Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Nika is flying to Mars (3rd part)

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Nika woke up in bed in the same hotel room. It was still early morning and she was alone: her brother must have already left for a breakfast.

"Oh my Lord, that was just a nightmare. Geee, it was so real. So I didn't meet the band and I didn't cut my vein and I didn't fall asleep. How stupid".

She stood up and felt really tired. "This was a tiring nightmare, I feel awful." Nika came up to the bathroom and pushed the door handle".
"You don't want to go in there", - a very deep beautiful voice said. It came from the far dark corner of the room. Nika didn't need to turn to see his face - she perfectly knew whose voice it was., only one man had such a mesmerizing effect on her.
"James, what, er, what are you doing here?"
"What's the matter? You don't call me your king anymore?"
"What? How? How did you know? Did you read my note???"
"No, I didn't", - he came out from the dark corner and she saw his face. It was as if she knew him from before, as if they were friends.
"I know everything you know. I am the part of your brain" - he said.
"What, how?"
"Look, Nika, something happened. You did something before you fell asleep"
"I wrote a note"
"No, not that, Nika, concentrate, after that"
"And then I had a nightmare. Wait, James, you don't want to tell me it wasn't a nightmare?"
"No, it wasn't, it was real, it happened."
"So, I saw you and you got to know where I stay and you came to visit me?"
"Nika, don't be ridiculous! How on Earth is it possible? Concentrate! What's the last thing you remember?"
"I was in a bathroom. Thinking of my father..." - she looked at James with a sorry look on her face. But James smiled encouraging her to continue. "And then I fell asleep in the bathtub full of water".
"Yes, and before that..."
"Oh my go! oh, I cut my vein with that swiss army knife. But it was a nightmare, I am here."
"Nika, you are not. You are sleeping now. This a dream, everything before - it was real."
"ok, now I know it's a dream I can control it, right?" - and she looked at James.

"Oh, baby, we have some other urgent issues. Not that I wouldn't like to be a part of your erotic dream. But we have a serious problem." He pointed to the bathroom: "You are still in there."
"But I am here" - she smiled.
"No, baby, you are in there. Before going to the bathroom you opened gas in the kitchenette. You lost consciousness and you loosing blood right now, cold water stopped it, but you have to wake up."
"So, all this here - it's a hallucination?"
'Yes, it is, I am part of your hallucination, your brain chose me to help you."
She was standing there in the hotel room, it was like an epiphany, except she didn't want to believe in it. - "Well, that's easy, we can just go into the bathroom and wake me up."
"No, we shouldn't do that. We can't move objects in real and after I told you that you are in the bathtub no idea what kinda of monster you are going to see there. These objects are not real, not physical," - he touched a book with a tip of his finger and it turned into flames and burnt to dust.
"That's impressive, James Summers, you are the king of the kings."
'Thanks, but we need to wake you up, we need to work with your imagination..."
James words were interrupted by the noise from a window. They looked around and saw how a guy is making his way inside the room. He fell on the floor and quickly got up so now they could see him.
"What? What the heck? For the love of God, what ARE you doing here?"
"I am here to rescue you", - said a young guy. She recognised him, he was a young actor who played a vampire in one teenage movie.
"But, man, I hate you."
"No, you don't"
"Well, ok, I don't hate you, but I don't care for you!"
"No, come on, deep down you actually find me charming."
"You know, James, - Nika said, - if before I kinda hoped this is all real and you are real, now I don't have any doubts in the craziness of everything that is going on. Man, - she addressed to the young actor, - I don't even know your name, something with R, P, R... What was it?"
"Nika, you like me, ok, you can lie to your classmates or whatever, but not to yourself, deep down you like me and you can think about this later with a cup of coffee and a textbook on Freud, right now we have to rescue you!"
'All right, all right, you see me through".
"Folks, are we done? We sort of have to get out of here," -said James.
"Ok, ok, we are," - the vampire guy looked out of the window and said - "it's clear, we can climb on the roof, there is a fire escape, it's only 3 floors up."
They made their way to the fire escape. 'I know", - said Nika, "I am going to call you X-Ray, cause you can see through me and it starts with R."
James helped Nika to climb up, - she was wearing pyjama and high heel snickers, her imagination chose this outfit for this lovely crazy morning.
'Are you happy with me calling you X-Ray?".
"Yes, yes I am. Whatever". - they reached the top and climbed over to the rood of this very high building. "Why are you suddenly so talkative?"
Nika looked around and saw some people strangling on the roof like robots in video game, they were certainly part of her sick imagination. Her 13-year-old brother was among them, but he didn't look at her. No one did.
"It's just," - Nika whispered, -"someone is finally listening to me. They never do."
They looked around the roof. It was unclear what to do next.
"Nika, your imagination needs some sort of fear, panic, something that would kind of kill you for a moment until you wake up" - James said. - "Sometimes until you die - you can't feel your life."
"That sounds like a paradox."
"And yet it's true, we don't seem to value things we really like until we loose them."
She looked at the beautiful sky over Tokyo. And she remembered the scene from 'Requiem for a dream" - sometimes she wished that young couple to jump off the roof before all the crap that called life happened to them.
"I am going to jump off the roof. It will certainly kill me for a moment."
James looked at her with appreciation, X-Ray - with fear.
She turned, but X-Ray screamed: "Wait, what if it's all real? You are going to die."
"Yes, right, X-Ray, you are absolutely right. This seems like reality: I am standing in pyjama with a guy from a vampire movie whose name I can't even remember and with the frontman of my favourite band whom I've loved for years.You are absolutely right, this is soooo real."
"Ok, I see your point. Aren't you afraid though?"
"I am not a coward, at least, not anymore". She looked at James, came over to him and hugged him like she never hugged anyone except when she was a child. He hugged her too and softly whispered: "I know, baby, I know, you are not a coward. I don't wanna loose you even for a moment, but it's to save you for a life."
She turned around and without a second thought started running towards the edge of the roof.
"Shit, this feels like real."
Her heart started pumping like crazy and she dived into the beauty of this Sunday Tokyo morning of the 4th of October, 2009."
Air has left her as she was flying down, her lungs were desperate for some oxygen, she tried to breathe, but the only things that entered her mouth was water. water.
"Ahhhhhhhh." And Nika woke up under the water.


  1. I like how it's progressing. How many parts do you think you'll write?

  2. Chad, thanks for reading & commenting :) this story took control over me and gonna be longer then I thought. so around 3 more parts, then I'll de editing everything.

  3. it's so thrilling story.. It looks like Nika had a very strong 'lucid dream' or may be in her case she was in the 'crack beetwen worlds' or something else, I don't know