Sunday, 27 December 2009

Avatar for a girl

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Have you ever dreamt of flying giant birds?
Have you ever dreamt of mesmerizing green and blue colours?
Have you ever dreamt of yourself being not yourself any more?
Have you ever dreamt of waking up in a magical world full of new and scary adventures?
Have you ever dreamt of being in love with an alien?

But any person of an opposite sex or mind - is an alien.

These dreams are scary, hard and hurting. But so rewarding - no matter what. It is such a pleasure that James Cameron and Co were so brave to show us their dreams.

As a little girl at heart - I like simple and romantic story-tales - until now only my imagination and Studio Ghibli could draw these stories up to my expectations.

But here came AVATAR. Born from James Cameron's childhood, creativity and cinematic dreams - Avatar for a girl is a crazy wonderful love story come true. As a wild emotional girl of a city jungle I wish to meet an alien - just as Jake was an alien for Neytiri. He is so simple, pure-hearted and honest. Not so honest, to be frank, but, well, no men are.

Love always makes you vulnerable - especially when you're in love with an alien heart. Alien heart can and most surely will hurt you. For they have no idea what they do - or what they really want to do - time is needed to decide. But love also makes you stronger -a woman in love and a brave man are the best warriors on this or any other planet - including Pandora.

I haven't seen a more beautiful world than in Avatar except probably for one place... - my and your dreams.

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