Thursday, 8 October 2009


for Helios (

Look at these trees -
Where do they grow?
Why do they grow so fast?

How can I climb on top
Of trees to be among
Those little stars.

It's almost night,
It's almost night,
And dark blue wind is leaking
My cheeks and hands,
My feet and bones
I feel inside like freezing.

I'm terrified,
I'm terrified,
But yet I'm climbing
To summit of the sky,
To stars so shining.

And someone yells my name
From somewhere far from here.
It's possible,
It's magical
And soft skies right above me.

I touch blue wind,
I kiss sharp stars,
I smile to moon,
And hear my mom,

Who calls my name from
Somewhere here
From far and far away.

Raccoons in dreams,
Good night to Helios.
Hello to little stars -
I like this life on Mars.


  1. I love the way you place your words, very visual!

  2. very talented! your poetry is amazing!

  3. Cool poems. Just stopped by to say hello, so, hello! ;)