Saturday, 20 February 2010

BAFTA awards

Just less then 24 hours to go before the famous British Film awards.
BAFTA events are usually classy and with no political references but lots of humour and love for films.

Last year we saw lots of similarities between BAFTA and Oscar choices so for those who look forward t Oscars that's an important day too. Although BAFTAs are good on tis own as well.

I like BAFTAs because they are not afraid to reward those who are weird, like famous last year come-back from Mickey Rourke. He get no award at Oscars but at least he made BAFTA an unforgettable experience.

It follows British tradition of theatre and takes place in a beautiful Opera venue. Plus it does value great acting from British talents and has got a special prise for a bes British Film (this year it's An Education, Fish Tank, Nowhere Boy, In the Loop and Moon) and an outstanding British debut (I hope this year it goes to Duncan Jones - director of Moon).

And BAFTA likes film lovers, like me - students or people who have got inspiration for films and desire to share and discuss it with others - tomorrow I am going to tweet live from such an event, so you can follow my twiiter at

Otherwise stay tuned to live updates from @baftaonline and my colleagues from @heyuguysblog and on its website

Meanwhile let me choose my awards from BAFTA nominees - full list you can find here,949,BA.html#jump2

But before I say anything about my choices - one bitter and sad word - THE ROAD. It's aint nominated for anything despite being one of the best films of this season. Based on a fantastic book by Cormac McCarthy it shows the journey of life and relationship between father and son and the rest of the world. Just in 2 hours it evokes the emotions and feelings of fear, love, hope, desperation and happiness. It has everything you need for a movie to be names as a great example of Art - a masterpiece: mesmerising cinematography, great story, simple and exciting composition, universal problem, tears and laughs, life and death, youth and Viggo Mortensen. Viggo is such a great actor that he doesn't need Bafta or Oscars. He is the magic on screen. Maybe that is why it's always hard for academics to consider him as a best actor - you can easily forget that he IS an actor - for he doesn't act - he exists.

My choices for BAFTA - let's see tomorrow if I was right -

Best Film - AVATAR

Outstanding British Film - MOON

Outstanding Debut by British writer, director or producer - Duncan Jones - Moon

Best Director - Kathryn Bigelow - THE HURT LOCKER

Original screenplay - THE HURT LOCKER - Mark Boal

Adapted Screenplay - Up in the Air - Jason Reitman, Sheldon Turner

Film Not in the English Languange - A PROPHET

Animated film - UP

Leading Actor - COLIN FIRTH

Leading Actress - MERYL STREEP

Supporting Actor - CHRISTOPH WALTZ


Cinematography - THE ROAD (!!!!!) yaya

Editing - DISTRICT 9

Orange Rising Star Award - Carey Mulligan

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